Friday, 21 September 2012

Apps We Love

Lewisham Council have released a nifty app for smart phone users that can help in the battle to keep on top of the work that needs doing to protect the local environment. So on your journeys around the area, use it to report issues relating to the local street trees.

Brockley Central reported on this some while back, so it is with thanks to BC that we can refer you here for more details:

PS. Apps are available across platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry

Now you see it ...

This is the post that prompted us to launch the Brockley Street Trees blog. A beautiful flowering cherry that had graced our street for many decades is removed in an hour and the stump tarmac'd over.

More shocking were the (tiny minority) who commented that the street looked 'tidier' without it ... We were convinced that the majority would mourn the loss of such a spectacular tree - even if the blossom was loud and blousy!