Sponsor trees

We are now past the advertised deadline for planting requests for Winter 2018/19. However, enquiries are welcomed for planting in Winter 2019/20 via the link "REGISTER YOUR INTEREST" below. We will respond early next year, or sooner if emailed as well. 

Applications for planting in 2019/20 will close on 1st April 2019 so please register soon to avoid disappointment.


In association with Lewisham Council, Street Trees for Living (previously Brockley Society Tree Committee) has raised funds for the planting of approx 420 trees since 2012. Last year Lewisham council carried out its four-yearly audit of all the trees in public space. In the near future all will be easily identified on an updated map here

We are eager to consolidate this success. However, every single new tree is the result of sponsorship, as councils are not obliged to plant or replace trees, except under the guarantee described below. Sponsors can be businesses, organisations, private individuals and syndicates, and we hope you will consider being one! 

Lewisham Council plant the trees for us at a fixed price of £275 (correct as of 1 March 2018). This sum includes an approx 4m tree with stakes, a guarantee against its failure or damage in the first two years, and a label carrying the sponsor's name, or a name in commemoration, if desired. For newly planted trees only, a plaque at ground level can be installed at extra cost. Details will be announced in the next few months. 
Street Trees for Living liaises with sponsors and street reps, establishes that there is local support for the planting, and supports and manages volunteer guardians who perform the essential watering for the first two years. Species and locations can often be chosen, but the final decision is the council's.

Money is NOT payable until the request has been approved, usually in the August prior to planting. Money is payable to Brockley Society by single BACS payment per tree, or group of trees, unless arranged otherwise. All sponsorship for the year is then transferred by the Society in one sum to Lewisham Council. Money will be returned if for any reason your tree is not planted as agreed. Brockley Society is a registered charity and your sponsorship can be considerably increased if you complete a Gift Aid form at the same time, available on request (UK resident taxpayers only). 

Please contact us if your have any queries or click the link below to register interest. This would not be taken as a commitment.

Thank you.