Tree care

It is vital that your newly-planted street tree is given adequate attention over the first TWO years following planting. This is when the young tree is most vulnerable to drought because it has a very minimal root system. 

WATERING ONE TWO THREE - to keep a tree alive

ONE: Use 20 measured litres in one weekly hit March-October, two years minimum 

TWO: In dry, or hot, or (even) windy weather, INCREASE to 2 to 3 times a week, and please ideally combine with feed 

THREE: In wet weather MAINTAIN ROUTINE as rain runs off pavements

Remember that young trees have immature root systems which makes them exceedingly vulnerable during period of drought. Your watering care is essential to keep the tree alive.

GUARDIAN TIPS - for best practice

- measure and don't guess the volume of water given

- follow the '20l in one hit' routine to encourage vertical root growth from the start 

- mulch to retain moisture - bark clippings, leaf mould or well-rotted horse manure (fresh manure will damage the tree) 

- remove wild vegetation that will compete for available water (additional planting around the tree should be avoided during the first two years)

- use calendars and electronic reminders - don't rely on memory! 

- involve neighbours and set up watering groups, even for one tree, but especially when more than one is involved. Flyers are available. 

- expect email messages from us or from your street reps. If none appear, check spam folders and/or get in touch.

KEEPING AN EYE AND REPORTING - to give a tree its best chance

- Please always report damage to bark, broken branches, ineffective stakes, guards and straps.

- Also report branches that need pruning, or any overhanging the road at risk from unsighted vehicles!

- Report via your street rep or by email to