Tree care

It is vital that your newly-planted street tree is given adequate attention over the first TWO years following planting. This is when the young tree is most vulnerable to drought because it has a very minimal root system. 

WATERING ONE TWO THREE - to keep a tree alive

ONE Use 20 measured litres in one weekly hit March-October, over two years minimum 

TWO Increase to 2 to 3 times a week in dry or hot weather

THREE Maintain routine in wet weather as rain runs off pavements

Remember that young trees have immature root systems which makes them exceedingly vulnerable during period of drought. Your watering care is essential to keep the tree alive.

KEEPING AN EYE AND REPORTING - to give a tree its best chance

- Report damage to bark, and broken branches, especially branches that extend over the roadside (these are the branches that get damaged by unsighted high-sided van drivers!)

- Report stakes, guard and straps that are not firm and effective

- Remove wild vegetation that will compete for available water (additional planting around the tree should be avoided during the first two years)

- Report via your street rep or by email to


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