Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hilly Fields Fruit Hedge - Update 1

Despite terrible weather, a good 15 or so hardy souls turned up on 16th March to help plant fruit trees and shrubs in five newly created beds to the back of the stone circle on Hilly Fields. We were delighted to have the help and practical support of Jon Stokes and Margaret Lipscombe from The Tree Council (who have funded this project), and our own John Thompson from Lewisham Council's Green Scene who came along to help shift some particularly 'claggy' London clay. We were also joined by volunteers from The Friends of Hilly Fields, Transition Brockley, The London Orchard Project, and, of course, the hard core from The Brockley Society itself. 

Photo courtesy of Friends of Hilly Fields/Phil Hall
Hot soup and reviving beverages were laid on at Hilly Fields Café courtesy of The Tree Council, and Jon Stokes later led a walk around the area to talk about the tree planting in Hilly Fields, and gave us suggestions about how we can best safeguard the trees we have, and plan for the future.

Last but not least, we are very pleased to have made a connection with the pupils and staff of Prendergast Hilly Fields College who came and did some planting on the Friday before. We look forward to working with them again on the Jubilee Tree Planting event planned for May (updates to follow).

We are grateful for the help of Glendale (Green Scene's contractor) who rotivated the plots ahead of time, and who mulched the beds later in the week.



We will be bringing you regular updates about this project as the shrubs and plants become established, and about further plans to regenerate the tree stock in this lovely and precious local park.

Nicola, Anthony Eamonn & James
Tree Wardens
The Brockley Society

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Philly cheese ... or ...

According to research just published by Temple University, Philadelphia, in their publication Landscape and Urban Planning, there is some evidence to suggest that the presence of trees and green space helps to reduce the incidence of assaults and robberies. 

Another reason for celebrating our leafy corner of Lewisham! 

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Halcyon days of ... March 5th

Whilst we are all languishing in these dreary, icy days of late March, waiting for some sun and warmth, I thought I'd remind you of what's to come with these pictures of those long gone days of 5th March when we basked in ... 10 degrees, and the ornamental plums in Manor Avenue started to show their colours ...