Monday, 1 April 2013

Kick-off for Twelve Trees

This post marks the introduction of our New Plantings map (see the tab above) which details the additions to the street tree stock from 1st March 2013.

Thanks to the generosity of a number of Brockley residents, the conservation area (and beyond) is now home to twelve new street trees, in part, replacing many of the mature trees removed in 2012 due to disease. These trees have been match-funded, with residents sharing the cost 50:50 with Lewisham Council. 

We have attempted to meet the specifications given by our residents whilst also trying to increase the diversity of the species we use, primarily to reduce the risk to our current stock of public space trees from diseases and unusual climactic conditions due to global warming. 

In this rather cold, grey spring, the new trees are not much to look at, but we thought we would give you a flavour of some of what's to come: 

Two Callery Pear, pyrus calleryana, (an ornamental pear native to China and Vietnam) have been planted in Shell Road (on the Lewisham side of the conservation area) and in Wickham Road. Here's a beautiful mature specimen in New York, USA (photo courtesy of at Cornell University): 

A River Birch, betula nigra, (native to eastern USA) has been planted in Tyrwhitt Road, noted for its fabulous autumn colour and exfoliate bark (it peels!). 

And in Breakspears Road, a classic, the Sweet Almond, prunus dulcis, (native to the Middle East and South Asia), the source of almonds and almond oil. Though nothing special in terms of summer foliage, it is stunning in bloom, and very attractive to honey bees, on which it relies for pollination: 

And, for this post, last, but certainly not least, a new oak for Hilly Fields, generously sited in Hilly Fields at the request of a resident of Hilly Fields Crescent. This a quercus robur, (European native), also known as  English or Pendunculate Oak: 

Quercus robur - Hilly Fields
We will post updates about these new plantings in the coming months, and will post in situ photos once the summer arrives and there is something to show you!

Six more trees will be planted in the coming months in collaboration with the Pepys Community Forum Watch this space! 

Nicola, Anthony, Eamonn & James
Tree Wardens
The Brockley Society

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