Friday, 24 February 2017

Doris day

We seem to have been reasonably lucky not to have lost too many trees to storm Doris yesterday, but this large Sycamore did succumb. Adelaide Avenue was closed briefly but the tree was pretty quickly removed by the council's contractors.

As you can see, the heart wood was rotten (see the dark brown staining in the chopped boughs?), and going to look at the stump today, it's clear that the tree was very weakened by disease. 

This is what heavy winds do for us - they clear out weak and diseased trees. Quite often it's impossible to see that the tree is in trouble until it comes down. 

Happily, no one was injured, and no property damaged.

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  1. The roots don't look very healthy either. Would have expected a much bigger root-ball and ground damage for such a large tree.


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