Thursday, 21 February 2019

Our 7th planting season - an update

Street Trees for Living is now towards the end of its seventh planting season. By Easter over 200 more street trees will have been planted in the borough of Lewisham, a grand total of 620 since 2012. Once again local residents and businesses have provided most of the funding, with commitments to water the trees for their first years. Local assemblies have also made generous grants. New trees will include Crape Myrtles, a Bastard Service Tree, a Tulip tree, a Persian Ironwood tree, even a Yew in the very centre of Lewisham! Planting has taken place in thirteen wards.

We have recently expanded our committee to ten active members. We have set up a fledgling maintenance team and refined our website and systems to cope with the increasing demand in Lewisham for more street trees. We have updated our website to be as user friendly and informative as we can make it. We will report fully on our activities at our next AGM in April. Further details can be found on the event page (see tab above).

We continue to rely on our close ongoing partnership with Lewisham Council. The campaign requires continuous non-statutory work from the council. We wish to put our appreciation of this and the professionalism of Street Tree Care Ltd, the council’s planting contractors, on public record.

Our work is carried out by volunteers. If you would like to help us to run the campaign and to sustain its future we would be pleased to hear from you. To sponsor tree planting in winter 2019/20 register asap on our website and at the very latest by April 1st 2019. Full details can be found on the 'Sponsor trees' tab above. 

Winter Orange Lime - Brockley Road - plus baubles
December 2018

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