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Archive: Brockley Society Newsletter article - May 2011

The following article appeared in the Brockley Society Newsletter in MAY 2011. Please note that the current prices for sponsoring a street tree can be found on our blog here.


Thanks to the continuing support of Lewisham's Green Scene and in consultation with residents, four young trees are shortly to be placed on street locations near four separate social housing blocks. And these trees are lucky; motivated residents have volunteered to mind the vulnerable 'youngsters' and water when necessary. Encouraged by this, the Brockley Society aims to see four new arrivals planted each year, to replace those lost. That way we can ensure our neighbourhood maintains its enviable stock of trees, that are not only beautiful but purify the air and protect us and wildlife alike. It's a frightening world for a young tree, with various hazards including neglect, vandalism and careless reversing drivers. Caring residents are coming forward to offer themselves as 'guardians' of all the young trees and hopefully, if enough of you volunteer, we can have every specimen minded by a
compassionate human. Nature may be threatened worldwide but trees are making new friends in Brockley. If you would like to help in however small a capacity, do get in touch. 

While we are constantly searching for sources of funding for more trees, you are also welcome to fund one yourself. For £240, Green Scene, working with the Brockley Society, will provide and plant a tree and ensure it has a watering pipe and protection. They will also provide a replacement in the event of any damage. Alternatively, you might like to consider forming a 'syndicate' with other neighbours. For example, eight residents paying £30 would provide a new tree and the gratitude of generations to come. Maybe you would like to have a tree planted 'in memoriam' for a loved one, with a small plaque inside the fence. It only requires people to like the ideas and just make them happen. Is that The Big Society?

Contact us at:

Anthony Russell
Tree Warden
The Brockley Society

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