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Archive: Brockley Society Newsletter article - October 2012

This article originally appeared in the Brockley Society Newsletter in October 2012Please note that the current prices for sponsoring a street tree can be found on our blog here.

Oxygen in Brockley ... and trees

If you're interested in a simple way to improve air quality and a lot else in Brockley, I think you'd better read on.

The Brockley Society's Tree Wardens are a growing team of volunteers who believe passionately about our inherited tree stock and the real threats to it. But we need your help. Your contribution, however small, could make a vital difference to the environment of Brockley. Lewisham Council want to help plant new trees and is therefore contributing half the funds to plant 12 young trees, as part of our ongoing strategy. 5 still remain, so get in there quickly to achieve a street tree outside your home for only £120. You can fund it yourself or talk to your neighbours about splitting the cost. 

When we hear from you, we'll check the ground to ensure an appropriate site, inquire if you had a particular tree type in mind and ask the council to act on it. Don't worry if you can't fund one because just as importantly, we are looking for 'Tree Guardians' in every street. We need people to help ensure young trees are initially cared for and watered, with any problems reported. So let us know if you are interested. 

We don't think it has ever been more obvious that if we want to improve our environment and achieve a better life for our community and future generations, it's necessary to act. I know I go on about it (!) but I believe passionately that democracy is surely about knowing what you want, standing up for what you believe and ensuring goals are achieved. There are remarkable people in Brockley; largely unsung heroes, striving to improve our lives every day. I for one want to join their ranks and help, in however admittedly small a way, to make a difference. As individuals we can make very little impact but together we are a powerful force, knowing that ultimately, our destiny can never be left to others. 

With your help, the Tree Wardens will continue building a relationship with the council and other bodies, working to promote maintenance and replacement of trees and informing you about progress [here on the blog and in the Newsletter]

If you'd like to help in any way please email:

Anthony Russell
Anthony heads the Society's Tree Wardens and is author of the book 
'Evolving the Spirit - From Democracy to Peace.'

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