Friday, 6 October 2017

Join our Campaign - Lots of Ways

Brockley Society’s Street Trees for Living will be planting 200-250 street trees this winter. They will be not just in Brockley ward but in all these too - Catford South, Crofton Park, Evelyn, Forest Hill, Ladywell, Lewisham Central, New Cross, Rushey Green, Telegraph Hill, and Whitefoot. Planting this winter will include old favourites like silver birch and flowering cherry, but also olive trees, strawberry trees, box elder, hibiscus and lilac. Our new "street reps" raised most of the funding, supplemented by grants from the Greater London Authority, several local assemblies and businesses.

The "street rep" role has enabled the huge increase in numbers of trees planted. During the last year street reps, supported closely by the Street Trees for Living committee, have taken the lead in their streets, brought neighbours and local businesses together to raise money, and made their own decisions on locations and species. The result has been not only greater numbers of trees, but new ideas and a greater sense of local ownership.  We have vacancies in most Lewisham streets. If this interests you please get in touch here.

Our campaign continues to be run entirely by volunteers. We now need to expand our small and friendly remote-working core team. Only some of us have much tree knowledge - most of our work is to plan and manage exciting public events (three this year, all in the blog!), to read and write emails, answer the phone, support our tree guardians and local street reps, and manage information. Please consider joining us. As above, you can get in touch here.

Street Trees for Living works in partnership with Lewisham Council, which facilitates and approves what we do. In our council officer contacts we have found not just invaluable experience and practical support, but enthusiasm and good will. This is despite the effect of an ever-shrinking budget and the habitual council role of punch-bag. Without the council's belief in our work it would be impossible.

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