Sunday, 15 October 2017

Tree Sponsor of the Month - October

Here is our October sponsor Roger Lewis. He tells us about his sponsorship of a tree in St Johns at the Deptford end of Brockley ward, planted in winter 2014/15.

1. Where is the sponsor tree located and why did you choose that particular site? 

On Admiral Street, close to the junction with Albyn Road, in St Johns.

2. What species of tree did you select and why?

A silver birch. I'd seen them grown on the residential streets around Sydenham and thought they were a striking addition to the streetscape.

3. Why did you choose to sponsor a tree? Does it mark a special event or is it dedicated to someone?

Selfishly, just a spot that looked like it needed filling very close to my front door!

4. How long have you lived in the borough of Lewisham? Do you have any special memories you could share about the area?

Very nearly five years. My special memories are fairly conventional, but special to me. I have a regular run up around Hilly Fields and never cease to be calmed by the view over towards the North Downs from the top.

5. Do you have a favourite tree in the area, apart from your sponsor tree of course? 

I do. It's the vast, I think tropical, ever-green tree in the forecourt of St Johns Church, in St Johns Vale. I was told once what species it is, but have frustratingly forgotten. It reminds me of an Indian banyan tree [we think it's a Holm Oak - Quercus Ilex - Ed]

6. If there were no constraints what tree would you have chosen and why?

An oak. I think they are beautiful, and so English! We do not have enough of them in Brockley.

7. How did you learn about sponsoring a street tree through Street Trees for Living?

I am Chairman of the St Johns Society, which fundraised to pay for the planting of over twenty trees around St Johns over 2014-15.

8. What would you say to someone who is considering sponsoring a street tree?

It is a lot of money, but what could be a better use for it? It will out-stay you in your community, and provide a lasting contribution to the quality of life of generations of people who succeed you.

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